#MAD Innovation# Paper that is truly alive

#MAD Innovation# Paper that is truly alive
Bringing paper back to life
MADNESS is putting innovation and technology this month in the spotlight, featuring unique stories about amazing inventions.In this article we are featuring Sheedo, where they recycle, produce and recycle again.

It all started with 4 entrepreneurs in Spain, also launched in China alread, who wanted to “do things” valuing people and nature.
Aiming at one of the most polluted industries, they wanted to shake up the paper industry, where they take the word “recycle” to a new level. Instead of use > recycle > re-use, sheedo added a 4th step called: plant it.  ????
So, how does it work?
Instead of using cellulose, Sheedo uses recycled cotton. The cotton goes into a highly innovative machine which torns it into printable paper.
Here comes the WOW factor!People normally use paper only once and throw it away. Our 4 entrepreneurs take a different approach. Instead of throwing it away, they plant it and let new life grow.

Seeds are planted in the paper and start to grow after a short while. With the cotton base and some added nutritions, the paper can literally be planted again. So instead of cutting trees to make paper, Sheedo actually create trees when using their paper.
For the instructions: Put the paper in a plate with 0,5cm of water, keep it inside and wet, after one week your paper will start sprouting. Then put it on soil
See below some cool Sheedo developed products:
Want to do something back to the environement? We advise you to use lots of paper, LOTS OF SHEEDO PAPER.you can visit them at: http://www.sheedo.es/en

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