An Artist curious about our relationship with life

An Artist curious about our relationship with life

Ronald Paredes is an artist in a perpetual exploration of religious practices. Not because he is a religious person, he is quite the opposite actually. But because he believes that our relationship with ourselves and with everything that surrounds us is, in principle, a theological and spiritual one. Ronald Paredes is an artist curious about our relationship with life. 

 Art of Ronald Paredes, each piece demands your attention

Ronald’s personal exploration and the Art practices that come as a consequence of it are a way to communicate his concerns and somehow pave the way to rediscovering the purest forms of religious expression.

“Since a very early age, I found myself exploring and questioning all kind of religious beliefs (…) After so much exploring I came to the conclusion that the answer lied in our roots, back to our origins where we were not contaminated by greed or power and even religion had a practical purpose, the deities where there to provide, rain, fire, food, protection, and everything else we might need for life”

Maya, Inca, Aztec, Olmec and other South-American pre-Columbian inspiration

Pre-Colombian inspiration and Latin American roots

Ronald started to pour those ideas into his work and develop a curiosity for imagery that was related to those primitive belief systems: mask, wood or stone carved images. He was especially curious about the Maya, Inca, Aztec, Olmec and other South-American pre-Columbian cultures whose imagery relate to a more primal, practical a purposeful religion system, back to human roots. But this imagery also relates to his own roots as a Latin American artist.

Peculiar characteristic: the use of a single continuous line

One Continuous line

From Caracas, Venezuela, Ronald was born and raised in a family of painters and designers. His father was a graphic designer, sketching logos with him from a very young age, a profession that Ronald himself would also later pursue in parallel with his artistic practices. Ronald has a peculiar characteristic in his work: the use of a single continuous line. Each piece Ronald paints demands your attention, inviting you to trace the journey of the single line.


“The line to me is life and life is a continuous, uninterrupted current events, also it corresponds to the idea that we are all connected, this is the idea of karma, everything we do somehow affects others and comes back to us” 


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