#Review# Body Media II

#Review# Body Media II
Summary: An exhibtion to experience exhausted bodies, contrasting bodies, moving bodies, and illusionary bodies. One of its kind where light, sound, and darkness touch all your senses and play with your mind. An free of charge exhibition with a small disappointment at the end.

It al starts in the main hall of the beautiful venue: The Power Station Of Art . With an impressive artpiece of hospital beds floating above the visitors all connected by blood transfusion.

We had the honor to see the artist Sachiko Abe, who has been cutting papers in extremely thin strokes. Covering a two floor stairs, it is her practice to formulate the relationship with the external world.

Before you enter into the world of mysteriousness, darkness and a lot of craze, its time to experience the first challenge of your senses. A large projection reflecting flashing stripes and sounds by artist Ulf Langheinrich.

The rest of the exhibition is in complete darkness, bringing you from room to room where you experience mostly digital projections testing your mind to create illusions.

On of the most interesting works is the rain shower. a large shower rains in complete darkness. But by changing the speed of light, the illusion of rain in slomotion or even raindrups going up instead of falling down was mindblowing.

Considering its was created in 1993, Temps Mort by Emanuel Carlier gives you a mental break, where a spinning snapshot kills the time in order to kill death.

The climax is project ZEE by far (eventhough we didn’t make it there). ZEE by urt Hentschläger, is an immersive installation with light and fog. “Stroboscopic and pulse light filters through the fog in a soft and evenly dispersed manner, creating kinetic structures in constant flux. The audience can freely roam the ZEE space. The nature of the work instills an almost automatic process of slow motion.”

It is recommended to come early and reserve a time slot FIRST, before entering the exhibition. A time slot can be reserved, by going upstairs to the second floor and turn right towards the exit of this particular exhibition. To attend you might need to book a time slot 2 hours in advance. Unfortunately we did have a time slot, but due to several visitors passing out, ZEE was closed for the day.

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