SPOT THE TALENTS - Shanghai International Short Film Contest

SPOT THE TALENTS - Shanghai International Short Film Contest
If you have missed SISFC, you have missed a lot of talents! Earlier this month the 13th edition of the Shanghai International Short Film Contest broadcasted twenty short films. Not shot in only China, but all around the globe. Despite the lack of time, SISFC brought us a unique and successful event full of good food, drinks and of course films!

As SISFC released this year’s subject ‘Food Preparation’, all contestants were only given a month to create the concept, write the script, find actors, shoot the film and edit the recordings. In other words, a hell of a job where some contestants dropped out. For all the ones who made it, they did a good job and deserved to be on stage at SISFC. While all contestants deserve to be mentioned, we would like to highlight two films in particular.

Winner of the audience choice and best student film awards, Russian director Gleb Torubarov blew our mind with his film ‘Recipe’. It is a storyline inspired by his time Studying in Japan, emphasizing the clashes between the East and Western cultures.

“It is a story about young housewife who tries to do herbest and be happy but loses it finding out her husband cheats on her. The film uses parallel montage technic: the story is mixed with the manual of how to cook a steak. I thought that Asian audience will relate to the topic since itis known that many husbands in these societies cheat on their wives, and some even consider it as acceptable. In my film the steak represents globalization (aka westernization) since it is a western dish, and show Asian housewife not taking it anymore (going away from traditional thinking). However, I docriticize westernization in Asia by showing that the new thinking will notbring any good at the end either…”

Unfortunately we can’t show you any footage, this with respect to the regulations of upcoming film contests. But you can see more of  Gleb’s works at:

The Voice Man

Winner of Best Screenplay and Best Cinematography awards, Andrej Iliev Director of The Voice Man, wrote the script on a train from Shanghai to Chongqing. Lutz Papenfuß, friend of Andrej came up with the idea to join the contest and write about a voiceover guy he knew from Hangzhou.

“The film is a story of Max Lucas (played by Drago Lazetich and voiced by Rueben Marley) a gifted and very arrogant voiceover artist, who uses his talent for… let’s say certain things. I won’t say any more, because it would spoil the surprise. It’s a short film, it’s over fairly quickly. There is a nice pay off at the end that the whole story builds up towards, so it keeps the audiences interested. The actors are fantastic also. The coolest thing at our first Shanghai screening was how quite the room went once the film started. They just ate it up, it was great.”

Unfortunately we can’t show you the full footage, but you can watch the trailer here

See more of the team’s work at:

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