Reg’Art: Art inspired by life stories

Reg’Art: Art inspired by life stories
Reg’Art Introductrion

The Reg’Art project is based on the artistic dialogue between two sensibilities and two cultures: the Artist and the Co-Creator, one from Chinese heritage the other from Western heritage or vice-versa. These dialogues will take place over several meetings where Co-creators and Artists will discover each other around the theme: “The Beauty I See In You”. 

Left: Artist Yuan ChongYin, right: Co-creator Jean-Daniel

Left: Artist Lucie Loosova,  right: Co-creator Lena

The Concept

Left: Artist Alex Carroll, right: Co-creator Roy

The Artists and Co-creators together discuss the theme. By sharing their different visions, and through art, they will discover each other’s culture as well as the different views of self and beauty. Based on their inspiration, they co-create a piece of art.  

These meetings will take place under the watchful eye of a Narrator. This Narrator will take us into the intimacy and will become a bridge between the two cultures brought together. The Narrator will share with us how the co-creation took place, his testimony will be expressed with any medium he will choose. It will accompany the co-created artwork at the end of the project.

Left: Artist Sara Zhou, right: Narrator Zovi 


The Artist’s Challenge

Left: Co-creator Benedicte, right: Artist Liu Zai Ming

Reg’Art is a unique and outstanding project mixing human encounter and art.  

Art education is essential in the modern world; giving access to art for children in need is giving them new possibilities. Expressing creative ideas should be possible for everyone.  

It offers the opportunity for Artist to exchange with and discover another person, another culture, to challenge themselves and their self-perception in a way they are not used to as they will work together with a Co-creator. 

Left: Artist  Hu Renyi, right: Co-Creator Julien

A noble cause

The project will conclude with an exhibition of all matched Artists and Co-creators’ artworks, and will be accompanied by the Narrators’ testimonials. All funds received will be directed to the Atelier Art School to provide fee art classes to underprivileged children. 

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